Quatro provides a comprehensive range of civil and concrete services, including forming, masonry and blockwork, grout pumping, parging and concrete cutting and coring. We also provide concrete demolition services.

High Pressure Washing

Quatro offers a full range of high-pressure washing services for a range of applications including tank cleaning, paint removal, concrete refurbishing, heat exchanger cleaning and frozen muck and pipe unclogging.


Quatro provides a full range of wet and dry vacuuming services for mining and other industrial applications, including cleaning of sumps, tanks, ductwork and bins. We can also provide material transfer and bagging services.

Rubber Lining

With our 52″ x 22 feet electric auto-clave, Quatro offers abrasion and chemical resistant rubber linings for all applications from Piping, elbows & tanks, we can rubber line all your parts.

Custom Fabrication

Quatro provides CWB-certified custom fabrication services in steel and aluminum, as well as sandblasting and painting. We have extensive experience with engineered platforms, steps, cabinets and toolboxes, as well as carts, wheel chocks, scoop ramps and safety stands. Quatro’s experienced team can design and fabricate exactly what you need.

Heat Exchangers

Quatro can clean and test all types of heat exchanger
plates and tubes. Our turn-key service provides quick
turnaround and we can supply and install gaskets and
supply new plates for all makes and models.