Conveyor Systems and Components

Quatro offers a wide range of conveyor systems and components for mining and other heavy industrial applications. We provide various conveyor types, including belt, screw, belt tripper designs, feeders and pipe conveyors, as well as drive systems, transfer points and take-up systems. We can provide everything from complete systems to individual system components.

Universal Idlers and Rollers

Universal Roll, a subsidiary of Quatro Industries Limited, offers high-quality conveyor idlers and rollers. Shells are available in steel, rubber, HDPE, UHMW and nylon for Cema B 20mm to Cema F 50mm shafts. Universal manufactures all idlers, including trough Idlers, training idlers, impact idlers & flat or Vee return idlers.

Quatro Impact Beds

Quatro manufactures slider beds, impact beds with bars or block-type impact beds are 12” wide urethane/UMHV blocks with a rounded profile to protect the belt at the pinch point. Cema C & D blocks are 4” with a 1” rubber cushion, and Cema E & F blocks are 6” with a 2” rubber cushion.

Conveyor Belt Scrapers

Quatro manufactures Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Belt Scrapers. We also manufacture drop-in blades, designed to fit any manufacturer’s midsections. Our unique finger-type secondary can be used with or without mechanical clips.

Quatro Belt Wash Station

Available for all widths of conveyor belts, the Quatro Belt Wash Station features a modular design that can easily be installed in tight locations and features a cassette for easy blade changeout. The double-roller and double scraper design with belt spray and clean-out spray system feature a bottom spout to connect to a sump or other discharge area.

Mato Belt Fasteners & Equipment

Quatro is the master distributor for Mato belt clips, which offers fasteners for belts up to 2000 PIW. Manual, air or hydraulic lacers are available to install clips. Belt clamps, belt skivers, belt cutters and cleaners and all types of connecting pins are available.

Conveyor Belt Skirting & Sealing System

Systems are available in any clamp-type, hammer-type or EZ Skirt design. Skirts are available in rubber or urethane and plain, apron and triple seal types can be provided.

Conveyor Pulley & Assemblies

Quatro can provide all types of pulleys – drum, wing and herringbone design, and all types of lagging – plain, chevron, herringbone and ceramic. We offer complete assemblies with live or dead shafts and pillow blocks. Whatever your application, our specialists can design and specify the properly engineered pulley for our application. We will also recondition your existing pulley & relag it cold or hot in our autoclave.

Conveyor Take-ups

We can provide screw or hydraulic take-ups in top mount, protected mount or side mount designs. Our specialists can design and specify the correct engineered take-up for your application and we can manufacture whatever type you require.

Power Transmission

Quatro can provide a full range of power transmission components, including gearboxes, gear motors, chains, belts and direct drives, as well as bearings, fixed or fluid couplings, VFDs, motors and brakes. Our specialists can design the right drive for your application.

Guarding Systems

Quatro designs, manufactures and installs guarding systems that meet all ministry standards and regulations for pinch points and falling debris. We can engineer and manufacture machinery and conveyor guarding in steel or aluminum and safety net guarding. Guarding systems are available for all conveyors or machinery.

Quatro SafeGuard Netting

Quatro SafeGuard Netting is lightweight, easy to use and opens like a shower curtain on wire rope. The fire retardant UV-protected material can be washed down to clean and allows quick access with a special tool and black see-through permits viewing during maintenance checks. Quatro SafeGuard Netting meets Pinch Point Guarding Regulations for Mines & Mining Plants and CSA Z432.

Quatro SafeGuard Catch Netting

Designed to catch debris falling from a conveyor, this engineered system is designed to be easily installed under an existing overhead conveyor, and allows walking or driving equipment under the belt. The knotless nylon material is available in 1 ½” and 2 ½” and each strand of mesh has a breaking strength of 700 lbs & yield of 10 ft2. It can be removed for cleaning with engineered S hooks or quick-release sea catch at each end.