Mining Products

Sturda Backfill Fences and Weirs

Backfill fences save mining cycle time and can be installed in a day. The Sturda Deployer allows installation outside of the safety zone, and Sturda Walls are reusable with a kit. Sturda Weirs are used to decant slimes underground, and once decanted, Sturda Weirs open so you can much out and reclaim the dried slimes.

Sturda Decanting Bags & Bins

Sturda’s engineered decanting bags and bins are durable and able to withstand high-pressure intake. Water is vacuumed or pumped into the bags to decant, and bins are designed to dump back into your system.

Quatro Mine Foam

Polyurethane Mine Foam effectively seals air leaks around mine stoppings, overcasts and undercasts, utility chases and other ventilation control components.

Additional Sturda Products

Some of the additional mining products offered by Sturda include products for dust containment and suppression, blast plugs and wire rope greasers.